About Mud Bluff

Mud Bluff is a Burner retreat on the Carson River in Northern Nevada. It’s also an opportunity to extend the Burning Man experience beyond a week in the desert. The objective is capturing the feel of Burning Man while maintaining long-term social and financial sustainability.

The Mud Bluff Project is in no way commercial. And though we apply some of the ideas from Burning Man, Mud Bluff is not part of the Burning Man organization. We do not commodify, advertise or promote Mud Bluff in any fashion. Transactions are decoupled into underlying gifts. Mud Bluff itself is a gift. The property was a fortunate discovery for me, and one I wish to share with other Burners. My hope is this gift may inspire you to share your resources, arts, and talents with the project.

If you’ve been invited to Mud Bluff, bring what you need, share what you can. There are no requirements and few expectations apart from our principles which are necessarily a bit different from those of Burning Man.